What the Funk is very fortunate to have community support as we prepare for our first festival. It takes a village and are village is the #SeaBQ community (SeaBQ stands for Seattle Burlesque).

SeaBQ financial sponsors includes:

CeCe Quinns

Sailor St. Claire, Sir Richard Longfellow, and Jo Jo Stiletto

Osa Wyld

Perlita Picante Entertainment

Mandy Flame

Gritty City Sirens Burlesque


Miss Veronica Franco

Trixie Paprika

Champagne Splitz

Curllee Q

Verity Germaine

Amara Strutt

Doña Dei Cuori

Noelle Noir

Taryn Luce

Ginger Elixir

Tootsie Spangles

Delilah Love

Lilith Von Dyke

Fosse Jack

Magnolia Monroe

Outside of #SeaBQ Finanical Sponsors have included:

Harpy L'amour

Shannon Kipp

David Adam Edelstein

Kristi Barnhill

Erica Olson