Workshop Schedule


Friday August 23rd

1. Fabulous Is A State of Mind with Foxy Tann

9:30AM - 11:00AM

This on your feet workshop with The Boss of Burlesque aims to get at emotionally engaging performance by “working from the outside in”. We can only talk about it so much, eventually we have to physically perform for the audience! And that is what The Fox is here to help you do! You will learn some traditional burlesque choreography and using that as a framework, you all will work toward the goals of emotional authenticity and confidence on stage. The physical portion of the class is based on individual attention, bossy encouragement and honest even-handed critique which you will be able to incorporate feedback immediately. Movement attire required. Heels encouraged, but optional.

2. Hips Don't Lie with spICE!

11:15AM - 12:45PM

This (fun, sexy, aerobic...) class focuses on multiple hip movements and isolations. No dance experience required. In an hour and a half, students will go through warm-ups, stretching, drills, across the floor and movement combinations. Learn how to apply hip movements to your party-going or performance style. Wear comfortable yoga or dance clothes. Class taught in bare feet.

3. Drama Queen with The Shanghai Pearl

1:00PM - 2:30PM

Drama Queen: Owning the Stage through Embodied Presence, Theatricality, and Grace. Explore Burlesque’s roots and the necessity of Theatricality in contemporary performances. Strengthen performances by pushing our boundaries with a focus on presence and poise. Be a more polished performer with intentional choices in walks, facial expressions, and body positioning. Participants are encouraged to wear comfortable movement clothes. Participants are invited to bring any heels, performance shoes, costume pieces or props they are currently working with.

Saturday August 24th

1. Fuck Me Floorwork with Egypt Blaque Knyle

9:30 AM - 11:00 AM

Learn the urban style of movements that can be performed in the night club and bedroom. You may learn a routine that incorporates lap dancing, exotic movements, crawls, hypnotic circles, how to move your butt across the floor, floorwork (rollovers), and more.

2. Burlesque 101 with RedBone

11:15AM - 12:45PM

An intro to burlesque with "The Cyclone of Burlesque", Internationally Known, Minnesota Grown and 1st Runner Up for the Miss Exotic World title of 2019, RedBone!

3. Pop It In Pumps with Isaiah Esquire

1:00PM - 2:30PM

Features Isaiah's prowess as a stage performer, Mentor, and motivator. Dancing in heels as well as the art of booty manipulation our specialty skills he has been teaching for over nine years to all genders and the genderless alike. Students will not only receive training in the aforementioned skills but also the tools needed to feel powerful, sexy and confident in their own special way.

Workshop includes:

• Booty Warm-up

• Stretch & Conditioning

• Balance & Weight distribution

• Walking in Heels

• Character

• Choreography

• Twerk basics

4. Put Your Face On with The Luminous Pariah

2:45PM - 4:15PM

A practical tutorial for glamorous stage-makeup. Drawing from years of experience along with countless sessions with drag queens, divas, and cirque folk, Luminous relays the basics (and not-so-basics) of heightening or altering your face for the stage. This class is useful for anyone who wants to up the drama-factor of their current look, create a new look, or simply learn how to look fabulous.

*This is a hands-on workshop, so please bring makeup to follow along with Lumi.*

You should bring:

A base foundation.

Hi-light and contouring colors (light and shadow).

Setting powder.

A makeup sponge and makeup brushes.

A lip liner that is darker than your lipstick.

Two complementary colors of lipstick (i.e. dark red and brighter berry red)

A natural eye shadow pallete (shades of brown and a charcoal black)

A shimmer powder *optional*

An eyebrow pencil in your hair color

A black pencil eyeliner

A black liquid eyeliner (or Kryolan Aqua Color)

Eyelash glue

False Lashes

Sunday August 25th

1. "Fantasy".Gutter Glamour with Nox Falls

10:00AM to 11:30 AM

Gutter Glamour: The practice of placing and embracing absolute filth in your numbers without sacrificing the tease.

This is an active class, ho wear is recommended as well as pair of heels you feel comfortable wearing and working in.

We will work on choreography, power stances, enforcing our sexual intentions through out the class as well as breaking down the boundaries we as performers have placed upon what makes a number 'clean' or 'neo-classical'.

2. Body Love with Briq House

11:45AM - 1:15PM

Part discussion, Part movement, Part sex education, this workshop is designed to help you strengthen your relationship with your Temple (Body) from a Body and Sex Positive lens.

Suggested but not mandatory items to bring:

*Notepad and pen

*Comfy clothes and shoes, no shoes is fine too


*Knee pads, back pillow, canes, or other support items for your accessibility needs.

*Yoga mat, towels, or other items you can lay on, coats are fine

*Open Mindedness, and a willingness to be vulnerable with your classmates